24 de maio de 2008

"Folk Guitar" painted at a lunch-time Foyer Concert at the Royal Festival Hall London

The Times They Are A Changin'

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Pease get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will be later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Bob Dylan
sem data

Para B.D.
e para L. que nasceu em Maio de 68.

3 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

...once upon a time you dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime, did'nt you? People called you, said beware doll you're bound to fall, but you thaught that they were all kidin' you / you used to laugh about everybody that was hanging out, now you don't talk so loud, now you don´t seem so proud, about having to be scrunching for your next meal... how does it feel to be on your own, like a complete unknown, with no direcion home, just like a rolling stone???
(tudo de memória, com erros e tudo)!!! grandes letras!

rosário disse...

Parabéns pela memória.

Anónimo disse...

Já aqui não vinha há muito. O Dylan que ensinou alguns de nós a tocar, mesmo incipientemente... além disso tinha letras fortes. Os Times Changed bastante, acho eu...